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Fabrication Shop Area

PT. Timas Suplindo always evolving and improvising to complete several support facilities for EPCI project, including the Fabrication Shop facility is located at Jl. Raya Serang Km 72, Banten – Indonesia.

Timas Fabrication Shop was built on an area of ​​15,000 m2 with broad coverage:

- Fabrication Shop for carbon steel materials , area of ​​4,400 m2
- Fabrication Shop for non- ferrous materials, area of ​​1,550 m2
- PWHT facilities, covering an area of ​​480 m2
- Hydrotest facilities, covering an area of ​​385 m2
- Shoot Blasting Room, 200 m2
- Painting Facilities, 385 m2
- Main Office Building, covering an area of ​​320 m2
- Laydown Area , covering an area of ​​920 m2
- Quality Control Room Facilities, 100 m2
- Utility and Maintenance,  400 m2
- Carbon Steel Material  Storage Area,  ​​900 m2
- Non-Ferrous Material Storage Area,  ​​850 m2
- Machining Facility Shop Area,   1,200 m2
- Other facilities, 2,910 m2


Fabrication Facilities

Our workshop facility equipment to support production activities equipped with various machines required for fabrication of precision with good quality. Also supported by experienced personnel to operate some of the machinery equipment. In order to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, we always follow the latest technology of machine tools required.

Our commitment is to always provide the best for our customers. And the facilities we have at our workshop are:

1. Lifting Facilities installed in the Building
2. CNC Cutting Machine
3. SAW Automatic Welding Machine
4. Automatic Plate Bending Roll Machine
5. CNC Drilling Machine
6. Automatic Orbital Welding Machine
7. Automatic Tube Bending Machine
8. Head Forming Machine
9. Press Bending Machine
10. Lathe Machine
11. Milling Machine
12. Radial Drill Machine
13. Profile Bending Machine
14. SMAW Welding Machine
15. GTAW Welding Machine
16. Automating & Bevel Pipe Cutting Machine



Fabrication Capabilities

We have long experience for some of the products according to the needs of our customers. Experience as proof that we have a strong capability in several types of products.

Our capability has proven its quality in some of our customers are:
1. Pressure Vessel
2. Heat Exchanger
3. Welded Steel Tank
4. Fabricatio Spool Piping
5. Skid Mounted Package
6. Module Package for Offshore Facilities
7. Steel Structure