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Offshore Division

PT. Timas Suplindo is headquartered in the prestigious central business district of Jakarta, with its Offshore Division office being strategically located at the very heart of the city within the Plaza Indonesia Tower. The Offshore Divisional office supports several satellite project offices locally, and an international office in Singapore, the latter (Offshore Construction Specialists) being a partnership arrangement specifically established to enhance the Offshore Divisions Engineering and Procurement capability.

PT. Timas Suplindo Offshore Division evolved during 2006 as a supplier of manpower to the offshore industry.  As a result of this offshore business exposure PT. Timas expanded and secured a number of offshore installation contracts which were successfully executed through its astute management skills and strategy of subletting through co-venture partners. By 2008 the Offshore Division was an established force operating independently, managing and executing all phases of the work on large scale projects such as transportation and installation and major offshore modification projects to offshore operating platforms.

Within its brief life span, PT. Timas Suplindo Offshore Division has rapidly grown in both sophistication and physical presence, ever expanding its Customer portfolio by consistently wining new and repeat orders, and firmly establishing itself as a leading contracting specialist within the region. This progress has allowed PT. Timas to consistently furnish International Oil and Gas companies with a most reliable and effective service in terms of safety culture, product quality, schedule reliability and cost efficiency. A service, for which we profoundly assert, we hold a proficiency and reliability within, that would challenge and even succeed our most ambitious of competitors.

A key strength of our service, which allows us to access, better understand and interact with the special needs and objectives of our  potential customer, is our unique positioning with regards to capability, experience, local knowledge and resources in terms of site, environmental, formalities, co-venture synergy and of course sound and ethical best business practices. These attributes provide the customer with an assurance and confidence that their asset or project, whether it be an EPCI Offshore Project, Major Brownfield conversion or simple Installation Hook up, has been securely and rightfully entrusted to our care.

Where ‘Assurance’ is concerned in terms of Quality and Accreditation the Company continues to go from strength to strength. In addition to the Onshore Division existing 3rd Party approvals (ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001), the Offshore Division has also acquired 3rd Party approval to the Internationally recognised Internal Management System Standards, ISO 9001 for Quality Management, 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety Management at its first application.


Satisfaction of our clients is the witness of our impeccable knowledge and expertise. The last 7 years experiences are:


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